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A Day In The Life Of... Mimi Nath (HR Administrator)

"I am most proud of getting people recruited into the Care Group. I enjoy going through the whole recruitment process, from start to finish."

Please give a brief overview of your background

I started off my working career as a Receptionist, Employment & Training Adviser, and Project Keyworker for Tower Hamlets Council, at the age of 20. I worked for the Council for 23 years, and a large part of my role was to support young people aged 16-19. It was great to help teenagers get into education, employment, and training. I also worked closely with special needs clients and the unemployed.

In the last five years before joining the Care Group, I worked as a Project Keyworker at Tower Hamlets Council. In this position, I engaged young people with positive activities across the borough. Taking on this project helped me make a difference because the project reduced the crime rate in the borough and students gained new skills.

After working a few years for Tower Hamlets Council, I joined Bupa in Oxford Circus and worked as a Clinic Support for five months. The clinic was very busy at times, but I enjoyed meeting a range of customers.

I later returned to work in Tower Hamlets and joined a charity called Limehouse Project in Poplar, where I worked as a Centre Administrator. Here I supported Tower Hamlets residents with housing and benefits applications, interpreting and booking appointments with their advisors, and ESOL and Teaching courses for women.

I joined the GP Care Group in April 2019 as an Administrator where I mainly dealt with invoices, stationery orders, and minute-taking. After some time in this position, I was appointed to my current role as HR Administrator, where I am responsible for carrying out procedures for the recruitment of new starters. I am passionate about my job, and I want to further develop my career by studying the CIPD course in the future.


What are the key aspects of your role?

Fundamentally, my role requires handling confidential data about all Care Group Colleagues. I ensure that new Care Group starters are added onto the pre employment tracker. This is to ensure that candidates meet all the six checks, such as DBS, Right to Work, Occupational Health, References, proof of qualifications and ID, before they can work.

I am responsible for advertising job vacancies on NHS Jobs, sending out conditional offer letters, employment contracts, and creating email addresses for new colleagues.

Another aspect of my job is dealing with recruitment related queries on the telephone and via email, and also take minutes at HR meetings to have a useful review document.


What team/service does your role sit within?

As the HR Administrator my role sits within the Corporate Team.


Name two other teams/services that you work closely with

I work alongside all services and Managers across the Care Group. Having a close relationship with Managers is to make sure all queries are addressed, and any recruitment is advertised via NHS Jobs. In particular, I work closely with the Health Visiting & School Health.

Another team I work with is Payroll. It is important that I work closely with this team, to ensure that the right documents are sent for new starters and all colleagues. This requires me sending out new starter forms, change forms, childcare vouchers, as well as other confidential documents.


Describe a typical day in your role

I start my day by logging in and accessing various sites and software that I need to access throughout the day. This includes updating Excel spreadsheets, the pre employment tracker, and NHS mail to reset passwords and create emails. I also use SharePoint to access staff contracts and policies. There are other websites I need to access daily, such as General Medical Council, Nursing & Midwifery Council and NHS Jobs.

On a typical day, I answer phone calls, print and scan documents and reset passwords for colleagues. Throughout the day I use Outlook to access my emails and the HR Inbox. I regularly check my emails to answer queries.

Most days I am doing general recruitment practices, but on others I take minutes, do e-learning, and draft contracts, and conditional offer letters. The thing I enjoy the most about my job, is having a variety of tasks to do daily.


What would you say are the most challenging aspects of your role? 

Sometimes I receive calls or emails from people who have a complaint, or they are not clear about certain information sent to them. I deal with complaints the best I can by listening and taking actions to resolve any issues. If there is something I cannot deal with, I refer people to my Manager for guidance and advice. Most of the time queries are simple, but at times they can be quite complex.  


What are you most proud of in your job?

I am most proud of getting people recruited into the Care Group. I enjoy going through the whole recruitment process, from start to finish. I go from adding a new starter onto the pre-employment tracker to meeting them in person, to assure them the checks are a smooth process. I always ensure that all checks are carried out efficiently and keep Service Managers in the loop about new starter progress.

I am also proud that I created a filing system when I joined the team. This has helped the team find files with ease. My colour coding system makes it easier to determine a new starter’s position on the tracker.


Share one thing that your colleagues don’t know about you?

Some colleagues may not know that I used to sing as a child and teenager. I took to the stage and performed in cultural shows.

When I’m not working at the Care Group, I enjoy reading, watching movies, travelling, cooking, and eating out. Above all, I love spending time with my family.