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General Practice Summit - reminder

Posted on: 25 February 2017

General Practice Summit

Thursday, 6th April 2017, 13:00-17:30

So have you saved the date??

Register now:


Right folks. Behind the scenes, your little team of volunteer, self-selected reps continues to meet to put together the event of your (mostly!) young lives.



Because we want to develop a shared sense of control over our future. We want commissioners and providers to work together as one, single, joined up group, which we have agreed to call a Primary Care System. If the name doesn't fill you with a warm glow, feel free to propose a better one.



13:00-13:30 –   lunch, sarnies, food you brought from home, whatever floats your boat and feeds your empty stomach

13:30-14:00 -     data marketplace: what's happening in primary care, outside of primary care, and what would we love to see happening

14:00-14:15 –   intro – how can we best use your time today

14:15-14:45 –   stakeholders get up and share their story, with power, colour and character. LMC, CCG,GPCG, THT, practice/network managers. (More acronyms, anyone??). 

Twitter feed for live feedback. And post it notes for everyone else. ;-)  

14:50-15:00 -    tea

15:00-17:00 -     VISION AND PURPOSE workshop

17:00-17:30 -    check out and next steps



It kick starts more events. Our aim is to identify the gaps between where we are and where we want to be as a joint group of commissioners and providers (aka Primary Care System!), and agree how we can prioritize and bridge these gaps.



·    We will soon be sharing what we hope to display on the data walls. We hope to get your feedback, and also your local, real life, measurement-backed examples of success and great care. 

·    Isabel and Jenny are coming up with a short survey to get a sense of how engaged/involved you feel in all that's happening in our local healthcare environment at the mo. We're still in the process of drafting this, but expect an email to ping in over the next few weeks about this. Your responses will a) help us inform our data wall and b) help us shape the summit.


Right folks. Keeping it short and sweet, but there will be more to follow. Till then, have an awesome weekend, and please register. Oh, had we already said that? J


Most truly yours,


Jackie Applebee (Tredegar, LMC)

Chris Banks (CEO GP Care Group and SRO Tower Hamlets Together)

Jenny Cooke (CCG)

Mike Fitchett (Island Health, GP Care Group)

Joe Hall (Bromley by Bow Health Partnership & St Paul's Way, GP Care Group)

Isabel Hodkinson (Tredegar, CCG)

Sue Hogarth (Tower Hamlets Together)

Ian Jackson (XX Place, PM Forum)

Balvinder Kullar (St Stephen's, PM Forum)

Chris Ley (Network 7, GP Care Group)

Dean O'Callaghan (Network 1, GP Care Group)

Virginia Patania (Jubilee Street, CCG)