What is Family Nurse Partnership?

A specially trained family nurse will work alongside you during your pregnancy and as you care for your new baby. Your family nurse will provide you with information and guide you in the following areas.

  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Planning for your labour and your baby’s birth
  • Looking after your emotional health and wellbeing
  • Improving your child’s health and development 
  • Building positive relationships with your baby and others
  • Creating a lifestyle that gives you and your child the best possible start in life 
  • Identifying and achieving your goals such as finding a job or returning to education

What is involved?

Regular visits at home or in community venues with your family nurse. This starts during pregnancy; you will decide together what topics to talk about. 

How often your family nurse visits you will be a joint decision between you and your family nurse.

We know dads are important to their babies, so we welcome dads or partners to join the visits if you would like them to.

Since 2007, the FNP programme has helped thousands of young parents and their families in Tower Hamlets. Watch the below video to hear what Mums who have been on the programme in Tower Hamlets have to say.

Our Family Nurse Partnership Service

Download our Family Partnership Leaflet

Feedback from parents

“I knew my Family Nurse understood me as a mother and I never felt judged” - Mum, aged 18yrs

“Having my family nurse support, me through pregnancy was absolutely great. Having her tell me how my baby will be developing and learning new things helped me and my partner understand our baby and her needs” Mum and Dad, both aged 17yrs

“My family nurse gave me tips on the best way to look after my baby, helped with finances, was someone I could talk to about my problems, told me the places I could take my baby. She helped me to understand my baby” Mum aged 19yrs

“I did not expect to be involved. I thought it would be more for my girlfriend’s benefit but when I turned up, she said it would help me as well. I’ve learned about being a parent and that has helped a lot” - Dad, aged 18 yrs