Support for practices

The GP Care Group is well placed to provide advice and support for Practices.  We currently support the Practice Managers and Nurse Forums and provide training through CEPN and Open Doors. We can also review the practice Business Continuity Plan as required.  During the pandemic, we provided access to COVID-19 testing for all practice staff. We also provide extended access hubs for practices to use.

Support for Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

The GP Care Group currently supports PCNs by:

  • Being the one voice for primary care at a Borough and System-level and through the delivery of the Borough Plan and integrated care
  • Holding the NIS Contract and working closely with the network deploy the resource to its maximum benefit
  • Providing forums for Networks to support the delivery of Network functions including CDs and network Manager's meetings
  • Being the employer for a range of roles including those under the ARRS scheme
  • Providing access to back-office support such as IT and HR