Our Mission

“To improve the health and wellbeing of the residents of boroughs that we serve by providing excellent community and primary care in partnership with others”

As a GP Federation, we are a provider of a number of primary care and community health services within Tower Hamlets, such as Health Visiting and School Health, Out of Hours GP services, and the Urgent Treatment Centre based in Royal London Hospital. 

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What do we stand for?

The Tower Hamlets GP Care Group is a membership organisation that sets a primary care strategy for the Borough in conjunction with its members and other stakeholders through shared values and aspirational outcomes.​

We are a provider of primary care services, including community health services, general practice services, and supporting services.​

We are the voice of general practice for improving population health and wellbeing through the delivery of excellent primary care. ​

As the local healthcare system leader, we are caring, collaborative, innovative, developmental, pragmatic, supportive, transparent, inclusive, and environmentally responsible. ​

Tower Hamlets Together

We are also one of the six organisations that form Tower Hamlets Together, the borough’s health partnership that brings hospital, community health, mental health, adult and children’s social services, public health, and the voluntary sector together to provide comprehensive health and social care to our community.

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