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A very successful COVID-19 vaccination drive

Posted on: 22 June 2021

People aged 18 and over in north east London are now being urged to come forward to have their COVID-19 vaccination and last Saturday a big NHS event vaccination drive at the London Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park drew thousands of people who showed up to have their first jab.

Last Saturday also saw the Care Group hosting a walk-in vaccination clinic at The Art Pavilion for undocumented migrants and those with insecure immigration status. The successful event saw around 1,000 individuals have their jab, with about 80% of those vaccinated falling into those groups.

Details about the event was widely shared on social media, with hundreds of retweets (even from the Mayor of London) and comments expressing appreciation of the 'no questions asked' approach.

Channel 4 News came to cover the news, and they interviewed the Care Group's Joint CEO, Tracy Cannell who reiterated the importance of ensuring everyone in Tower Hamlets has access to and are able to have a COVID-19 vaccination.  

Watch the full Channel 4 News report below.

Watch the report