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Building our green credentials: Interview with Zainab Arian about sustainability

How much recycling are you doing in your household? Recycling Week was Monday 16 October and through Sunday 22 October, and the theme was The Big Recycling Hunt.

Posted on: 30 October 2023

Recycling week focused on missed capture, the items you might not realise can be recycled, such as empty aerosol cans, food tins, plastic cleaning and toiletry bottles, pots, tubs and trays.

Why is it so important to recycle as a community and what is the Care Group doing to be more sustainable? We talked to Zainab Arian, the Care Group Chief Executive Officer to find out.

What are we doing to make recycling more accessible and convenient at the Care Group?

We will be looking to include recycling bins in each office area, if they’re not already there. These will be clearly colour-coded to help staff separate their rubbish when disposing of it. 

What are we doing in the Care Group to help reduce waste and be more sustainable?

We are developing a sustainability plan, looking at all areas of the organisation. We have undertaken a baseline review and will be focusing on areas where we can improve. The plan will be launched for comment with staff before it is agreed by the Board. 

At present, we actively review how we are procuring products and, where possible, source local environmentally friendly items. 

What are some ways we can encourage people at the Care Group to recycle more?

A key part of being environmentally sustainable is educating our workforce. Understanding the impacts of recycling on the wider environment will greatly help make a sustainable change. 

We will be looking to include tips and tricks in upcoming staff briefings and signpost our people to relevant resources that can help with their recycling journey. 

We will also work with service managers to establish environment champions within teams and facilitate the sharing of best practice across services. 

Why do you think it’s important for the Care Group to support this campaign?

As a healthcare organisation our values are deeply rooted in improving the health outcomes of the populations we serve. 

Improving the environment has a direct impact on people’s health, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality and reducing waste can all greatly improve peoples wellbeing, reducing chronic diseases such as asthma.