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Covid-19 cases increase in Tower Hamlets

Posted on: 4 September 2020

In recent weeks there has been a rise in cases of Covid-19 across London and we now know that the highest number of positive test results in London are among people aged 20-29.

In line with what we are seeing in London, cases are also on the rise in Tower Hamlets. We are concerned about this and want to make sure that numbers of cases do not continue to increase. In June, there were 37 cases of Covid-19 recorded in Tower Hamlets; this rose to 131 cases in August.

Some of the most common activities or events among people of all ages who test positive include going on holiday, eating out, shopping, travel and commuting.

Doing the things we enjoy makes us feel more positive, but it's crucial that we do these fun things safely.

Tower Hamlets Council are urging all residents to continue to protect their family, friends and community by following government advice and staying alert to the risks of Covid-19. Remember: