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COVID-19 Vaccine short videos now available

Posted on: 8 February 2021

Please share these videos of NHS staff urging non-English speaking Londoners to get the COVID-19 vaccine


NHS England has released a series of videos of NHS doctors, nurses, and other frontline staff who have come forward to help reassure people that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and have been independently tested to the highest standards. The clinicians have recorded messages in some of the most spoken community languages in the capital.

The languages the videos have been produced in are:

  •  Urdu
  •  Arabic
  •  Turkish
  •  Bengali
  •  Polish
  •  Romanian
  •  Gujurati
  •  Punjabi
  •  Spanish

Please watch and share the videos below widely with these communities and your networks to keep Tower Hamlets safe. 

Watch the videos 

More videos in additional languages, including Swahili and Yoruba, are in development. There are also resources and information in 10 different languages which you can view here.


COVID-19 Vaccine Explainer Videos


Public Health England has produced a series of short videos of GPs across the UK who explain the COVID-19 vaccination programme to the public. The videos have been released by Public Health England and give an understanding of how the COVID vaccines are safe, and how they work to help prevent the virus from spreading.

You can access the videos on YouTube by clicking the links below. Please share these videos widely with your friends, family, and your networks. 

Dr Mary Ramsay - watch here

Dr Kevin Brown - watch here

Dr Shriti Pattani - watch here

Professor Anthony Harnden - watch here

Dr. Wei Shen Lim - watch here

Dr Gayatri Amirthalingam - watch here

Dr Julie Yates - watch here


Barts Health has put together videos highlighting the importance of the COVID vaccine


Barts Health NHS Trust has put together a range of questions and answers, blogs, videos, and messages from Faith leaders and staff highlighting the importance of getting the vaccination.

Please watch and share the videos below widely with your friends, family, and networks.