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Do you know the Delta variant COVID-19 symptoms to look out for?

Posted on: 2 August 2021

Cases of the Delta variant now account for most COVID-19 cases in the UK, but how is the virus spreading so quickly? A key factor is that many people who have the Delta variant of COVID-19 don't even know that they have it because the symptoms appear to be like a bad cold rather than the classic symptoms that many of us recognise as COVID-19 symptoms.

While Tower Hamlets continues to have the highest rates of infection in London, it's reassuring to see the effect that vaccinations are having on the severity of symptoms in people who unfortunately get COVID-19. The downside though is that many people in Tower Hamlets are still not coming forward for vaccination, new cases are being missed and the disease is spreading because too many people are unaware of the newer symptoms of the Delta variant.

So, what are the symptoms we all need to be looking out for?

A recent ZOE COVID Study showed the current ranking of COVID-19 symptoms after two vaccinations:

With a headache, runny nose, and sneezing now ranked as the most common symptoms of COVID-19, it's easy to put the symptoms down to nothing more than a bad cold. However, while COVID doesn't kill in the numbers it once did, "it is still a dangerous and unpredictable disease that can leave people with long-lasting symptoms."

The Zoe COVID Study highlighted how the previous 'traditional' symptoms on the government website, such as anosmia (loss of smell), shortness of breath, and fever rank way down the list, at 5, 29, and 12 respectively. A persistent cough now ranks at number 8 if you've had two vaccine doses, so is no longer the top indicator of having COVID.

If you're over 18 and are yet to have your COVID-19 vaccinations, please don't delay. Book your vaccination appointment for the best chance of protecting you and your loved ones from dealing with serious effects of the disease.

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