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Enabling breastfeeding: “Each family I meet is on their own feeding journey”  

The Waltham Forest Health Visiting team is committed to attaining Baby Friendly Initiative status, and part of achieving that success comes from supporting breastfeeding. 

Posted on: 28 July 2023

It’s one of the best ways to provide infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.  

Waltham Forest has a dedicated Infant Feeding Team of fully trained staff with access to up-to-date research to encourage new parents to breastfeed. The aim is to offer supportive and welcoming environments for the practice across the borough. 

The first week of August is also World Breastfeeding week, and this year’s theme is “Enabling Breastfeeding.” The Health Visiting Team and local Family Hubs will be on hand at community drop-in clinics during the week-long event for parents to access information and advice from a range of health and community professionals.


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Support at home and across the borough

Health visitors offer one-to-one breastfeeding support during the new birth visit when baby is just over 10 days old. The health visitor will come to your home, continuing the care provided by the midwife.

The health visitor will make contact again between six to eight weeks. This can be a challenging period when babies can sometimes become fussy. Having free access to the breast for food, or just comfort, can be helpful in calming babies and supporting their healthy brain development.

Parents can also benefit from ad hoc support at child health clinics across Waltham Forest, where babies are weighed, parents can speak with health visitors, nursery nurses, staff nurses, or our partners in the HENRY Infant Feeding Team. You may also see one of our Infant feeding Champions in clinic or during your child’s one year check.


Infant feeding champions share insight

Our health visiting staff have a particular passion for breastfeeding and have undergone additional training in infant feeding support. New mothers are welcome to breastfeed in any of the health visiting or family hub venues. If you need help with finding a private space, just ask one of our staff.

Amy Sophocleous, Community Nursery Nurse, said: “Each family I meet is on their own feeding journey. I especially enjoy using my personal experience to support my colleagues and the families we serve in the borough.”

Pamela Allanson, Health Visitor and Practice Assessor, said: “It’s wonderful to support parents with breastfeeding and find that your skills have supported their wishes to achieve the best for their baby.”

Nordia Gillespie-Rowe, Clinical Support Worker for 0-19 Universal Children’s Services, said: “It’s interesting to listen to people talk about their breastfeeding experiences. It’s fulfilling to reassure parents that their baby is thriving and signposting them to other services for support if they’re concerned about their baby’s weight.”


Call our Single Point of Access for telephone advice or for information about clinics, where we have trained staff to support you with breastfeeding queries. We can also refer you for further support as required. Call 0300 033 6200 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. 


For further support 

Call the HENRY helpline on 020 7961 9073

Call the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212

Or visit  

Breastfeeding resources - Baby Friendly Initiative (

Breastfeeding - NHS (

Breastfeeding - NHS (