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Five X More: First UK Black Women's Maternal Health Awareness Week

Posted on: 14 September 2020

Five X More is launching the first annual awareness week to highlight Black women's maternal health outcomes in the UK.

From 16 22 September 2020, a weeklong campaign will be dedicated to raising awareness about the disparities in maternal outcomes for Black women.

Black women in the UK are five times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth in comparison to a White woman (MBRRACE, 2018). Five X More is dedicated to supporting mothers with its campaigning work and recommendations. It focuses on empowering Black women to make informed choices and advocate for themselves throughout their pregnancies and after childbirth.

Tinuke Awe, Co-founder, Five X More, said: "The theme of the awareness week is 'Protecting BlackWomen'. For decades now, Black women have had a higher risk of maternal mortality in the UK and this is completely unacceptable.

"Clotilde Rebecca Abe, Co-founder, Five X More, said: "We hope to be able to provide a supportive platform where we can listen to Black mothers' voices and empower them, their families and friends to advocate for themselves.

The week will also provide a place for health professionals to get a chance to learn more about the campaign and what they can do to help change these statistics.

"Five X More is a grassroots campaign committed to changing Black women's maternal health outcomes. It was initiated in 2019 when two mothers came together with the dream of improving maternal mortality rates and health care outcomes for Black women in the UK.

Five X More will be creating resources during the week for those who will be engaging in the campaign and signposting them to useful resources should they need it.

The overall hashtag for the awareness week is #fivexmoreaw20. For every day during the awareness week there will a theme, each with its own unique hashtag.

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