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Health care top tips for the festive period

Have you stocked up on your repeat medication to last you throughout the festive Bank Holidays?

Posted on: 22 December 2023

As the Christmas season approaches, we want to remind you that your GP Practice will be closed during the two upcoming weekends: 

Closed: Christmas Weekend 23/12/23 to 26/12/23 - Reopening on 27/12/2023

Closed: New year Weekend 30/12/23 to 01/01/24 - Reopening on 02/01/2024


Please take a moment to check your repeat medication supply and submit a prescription request at least three days in advance of running out. This is especially important during the upcoming festive period, as many pharmacies will be closed for extended periods.

To ensure you have a continuous supply of your medication and to avoid any disruptions in your treatment, please take the following steps:

  • Check your medication supply: Ensure you have enough medication to last until after the Christmas Bank Holiday weekend and/or the New year bank holiday weekend. If your supply is running low, please submit a prescription request as soon as possible. 
  • Submit prescription requests early: To avoid delays in processing your prescription, please submit your requests at least three days before you need to collect your medication. This will allow sufficient time to process your request and ensure your prescription is ready for collection. 
  • Online prescription request: We encourage you to use an online prescription request system to streamline the process. This service is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the comfort of your home.
  • Alternative arrangements: If you cannot submit your prescription request online or by phone, please contact your practice reception or pharmacy at least three days in advance to make arrangements to process your medication request. 


Before accessing emergency or urgent services…

It’s important to remember that during winter, all health and social care services are under significant pressure. You can help to alleviate some of the pressure by considering if the emergency department or the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) is the best place for your health concern.

GP Care Group Chief Operating Officer, Malcolm Thomson, advises: “Before you go to the emergency department or UTC, please pause and think about using the 111 service or going to your local pharmacy. Sometimes, the problem may be resolved with self-care and support from 111 or the pharmacy. 

“If you do go to the emergency department or the UTC, there may be a long wait. Please be kind and patient, the staff are working as hard and as quickly as they can.”