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“I was scared and skeptical, but I’m so glad that I finally decided to have my COVID-19 vaccination”

Posted on: 12 January 2022

When it comes to fighting COVID-19 the best defense continues to be getting vaccinated and having a booster when the time comes. However, while thousands in Tower Hamlets, and nationally millions, are up to date with their vaccinations, from the beginning of the pandemic, there have been groups of people who, for varying reasons, have decided to not have their COVID jabs.  

As with most situations, understanding is key and so it’s important that we grasp the reasons why some individuals refuse to be vaccinated. With the evergreen promise of COVID-19 vaccinations available on offer, it’s never too late to change your mind about having the jab.  

The GP Care Group’s Learning and Development Practitioner, Sarah Tahsildar has bravely shared her personal story of why she initially hesitated about having a jab, her vaccination experience, and how she was treated.  

Sarah shared the message: “I have long suffered from Trypanophobia (fear of needles), this, along with a family member having a bad reaction to the vaccination, has caused me to delay getting my vaccine. I shared this with my line manager and was overwhelmed and grateful for the support I received.  

“I was offered a consultation where I could share my concerns and ask any questions I may have, I was supported with finding a place I felt comfortable in getting vaccinated, I was supported in having open conversations about the different vaccines available, as well as being able to share my worries that arose due to information passed on through the media. 

“The day finally came, recently I had my jab! And what an experience it was! Along with my manager for support (thanks again for coming with me Ekramul!), I attended a drop-in vaccination centre close to work. I was met with such understanding and warmth. I was given time, the space to ask questions and have them answered, and I was also moved to my own little corner which was very helpful. The truth is the staff (in particular the lovely Fateema) were so skilled that before I really knew what was going on I was vaccinated! I felt such relief at being surrounded by such competence and empathy, this made an experience that I had been dreading for months a positive one! Yes, I’m still very scared of needles, but it no longer feels lonely and unmanageable!” 

If Sarah has inspired you to have your vaccination, click the link below to book your appointment.

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