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GP Care Group appoints 'Insource' a new data partner to give “fully validated, single source of truth”

The Care Group has chosen Insource, a leading data management provider to the NHS, as its trusted new data management partner.

Posted on: 21 September 2022

The first stage of the engagement will be to take data from the EMIS community system covering all 33 GP practices across the borough, standardising it into a fully validated, single source of truth and then automate the submission of Community Services Data Sets (CSDS) to NHS England.

Zainab Arian, the Care Group’s Chief Financial Officer, commented: “Whilst we originally brought Insource on board to extract the data from EMIS for our CSDS reporting, we rapidly realised the value of that core data for our own performance and business management. 

“The data tables from EMIS are all over the place. Insource takes that data, makes it clean and usable, and automates our monthly NHSE reporting. But now we also have near real-time activity data for our own use. We can sit our own systems, such as Power BI, on top of this unified data to get quite sophisticated analyses.”

“With more than 500 staff, we are a medium sized independent care organisation, but chose not to maintain in-depth data management skills in-house. We prefer to leave the data management to the experts and to get on with our core business of clinical care.  We are very excited about this project and Insource are doing a fantastic job.  They truly are a trusted data partner that will allow us to scale as our business develops.”

This single version of the truth will give everyone from Care Group executives to the frontline, access to the same data at their fingertips, so all have better insight into how they’re performing and how to make service improvements.