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Jubilee Street Practice: “We’re hosting a young person with autism/ learning disabilities in our practice”

Posted on: 13 December 2022

Are you an organisation keen to support young people with learning disabilities/autism?

DFN Project SEARCH is a one-year internship programme with a mission to support as many young people as possible who have learning disabilities and/or autism, to gain the skills and experience needed to move into paid employment. We’re thrilled to announce that Jubilee Street Practice will be hosting interns between April-July 2023 for 12 weeks.

Commenting on this development, Jubilee Street Practice Lead Kamal Uddin said: “We at The Jubilee Street Practice have (at least for as long as I can remember) been a training practice, always keen to take on medical students at different stages of their training / education. So, when we heard about this project we were eager to see how we could support our local community and these young people who have special qualities, to help support them to potentially bring something unique to our regular working environment.”

“Some of the worries I had were centred around whether we as a practice were equipped to support all of their needs? However, following my initial meeting with a couple of the project leads, I realised  that some of these young people had previously held similar roles within a GP practice. 

“I am already buzzing with ideas of what we might ask some of these young people to help us work on and look forward to designing a programme together with the Project SEARCH coordinators.”

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the borough’s young people who have learning disabilities or autism and the GP Care Group is pleased to be supporting the programme, likewise DFN Project SEARCH, whose coordinator, Matt Snow, who said: “Project SEARCH QMUL is excited and proud to partner with the Care Group on this work because it will offer our young people an additional work experience opportunity in a unique setting that we have not been exposed to previously.”

Who can get involved?

If you're an organisation looking to help change the lives of young adults with a learning disability or autism spectrum condition, or both, you can sign up to the DFN Project Search Programme here.