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March’s Best Start in Life newsletter provides guidance on contacting our Health Visitors

Posted on: 28 March 2023

The latest issue of Waltham Forest’s Best Start in Life (BSIL) newsletter is out now, and it’s packed full of useful information.  

Useful articles in the newsletter include how parents can contact our Health Visiting Team. Our Health Visitors support parents with advice around keeping babies safe and well, infant feeding, healthy growth and childhood immunisations. In addition to seeing a member of the team at a child health clinic, parents or carers in Waltham Forest can also book an appointment or get in touch with a Health Visitor by calling call 0300 033 6200, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm or emailing:

Also highlighted in the newsletter are resources for male carers and guidance on helping your child become a better communicator by using actions and gestures. 

Get to know the BSIL Puppets

Have you met the BSIL superheroes? These six super-helpers support Waltham Forest families and children to ensure they get the best start in life.

These lively puppets have unique traits that make them special.

Active Ashton is the youngest hero and is learning how to move around and enjoys exploring new places.

Patient Patryk is not in a rush to speak or play; he remains calm under pressure. 

Helpful Hakim is in Year 1 and is a veteran and is extremely smart.

Curious Carina enjoys learning and listening to stories. She has a shining personality and will definitely bring a smile to your child’s face.

Respectful Rhea is an Eco-warrior. She enjoys the outdoors, animals and improving the environment.

Brave Bilkis is fearless and spends her time climbing trees and she is not afraid to express herself.

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