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New site to support children’s speech and language development: BBC Tiny Happy People

Posted on: 23 January 2023

The GP Care Group is proud to support the BBC’s Tiny Happy People website which is now packed full of short clips of activities for health professionals to encourage language and speech development in babies and toddlers. 

The vibrant website is full of simple information with short clips of activities that health professionals can incorporate into daily activities, for example, can you remember how fun it is to count and pair socks in the washing basket?

The Care Group’s Jenny Gilmour, who is now also a ‘Tiny Happy People Champion’, explains how the website is a wonderful resource for families and professionals alike. 

Most of the films are around a minute or so in length and therefore, easy to watch. There are also longer 3–4-minute videos which also include the science behind the titles. Most of the short clips/films use real mums, dads and grandparents. 

“All are designed to make things fun for baby, infant and child as well as carer while encouraging language and speech development from the very beginning during pregnancy using games to play, songs to sing and everyday activities as opportunities over and over again, says Jenny. 

Professionals will find that the resources are: “… easy to share with and to signpost families during professional contacts at specific points in child health reviews and/or at child health clinics,” added Jenny.

Resources that are available for midwives, Health Visitors, Early Years staff and Speech and Language therapists include posters, advice post cards and activity cards that professionals can download for use which provides written information and activities in English and Welsh and a digital version/option for those with access to devices. Find the materials here: Resources for professionals and volunteers.

The overall aim of the BBC Tiny Happy People website is to reduce the number of children who attend school with a speech and language deficit. Sadly, this is a constant challenge in Tower Hamlets.

The website includes advice sections for different age groups: pregnancy, 0-3 month, 3-6 months, 6–9-months etc up to school age and is focused on helping to promote communication and speech opportunities and development. 

Jenny said: “There are great sections that can be used, for example, during mealtimes, nursery rhymes and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) activities plus other topics as well as focused sections for mums, dads, grandparents and professionals. 

All advice on the BBC Tiny Happy People website is based on professional information with links to specific professional organisations and support groups. 

Visit the BBC Tiny Happy People website