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Out of Hours - Indemnity Cover for GPs

Posted on: 4 August 2017

Tower Hamlets GP Care Group now provides the GP Out of Hours service for the Borough.

Since the removal of last winter's indemnity support by NHS England, several Tower Hamlets GPs have told us they would be happy to work shifts for the service but for the prohibitive cost of medical indemnity insurance.

In response to this, we are very pleased to announce that indemnity cover has been arranged by THGPCG and has been implemented from this week for the OOH service.

This means that if GPs currently work within the service either via Network Locums or a Care Group zero hours contract, they can choose to have their indemnity cover met by the service. 

Alternatively, if they prefer they can continue with their current arrangements. 

GPs who do not currently work for the service and wish to join can also benefit from the indemnity cover.

If you are a GP and would like to consider working within the Out of Hours service, even if you can only offer one session per month it would make a huge difference and really help us to continue to care for our patients when the surgeries are closed.

If you are interested in joining the OOH service please send an expression of interest to our mailbox: [javascript protected email address]

If you would like any further information please contact our Service Manager:

Jane Baylis
[javascript protected email address]
0203 5940030