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Record number of Open Doors trainee General Practice Nurses to start in the new year

The Care Group Open Doors team has successfully recruited seven new to General Practice Nurses (GPN) to join seven GP practices within Tower Hamlets, providing much needed nursing support across the borough.

Posted on: 2 November 2023

The team has spent the last two months interviewing and recruiting for the posts and their efforts have been rewarded with this new cohort of General Practice Nurse trainees. The new recruits will join the practices in February for either a 12 month or two-year fixed term training contract. 

The Open Doors team provides training, education and support for nurses, and health care assistants working for GP surgeries in Tower Hamlets.

Open Doors Team Learning and Development Manager and Clinical Tutor, Jacqui Hodgson, said: “This is a record number of new recruits for us as previous cohorts have numbered between three to five nurses. This will really help towards the future nursing staff shortages within the borough. 

“Having the new recruits will result in 11 GPN trainees from 2024-2025 as we have a further four nurses who will be entering their second year.”

Practices that will benefit from having a GPN are XX Place, Harley Grove, Barkantine, Island Health, St Paul's Way and Health E1, plus Tredegar which is supporting their current newly qualified nurse to study on the programme. A useful part of the process was a matching event where the successful candidates met with GP practice representatives.

Jacqui added: “The Open Doors Tutors team is really looking forward to the coming year to provide expert mentorship and educational support while these nurses embed into Tower Hamlets and learn the skills required to be an expert practice nurse.”

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