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Parents, use these resources to manage your child’s RSV and other respiratory illnesses throughout winter

As we head into winter, babies and young children are more vulnerable to catching cough and colds and Bronchiolitis, often caused by Respiratory Syncytical Virus (RSV) is one of the more common infections.

Posted on: 4 October 2022

We recognise that this can be a worrying time for parents, and you need support and information that you can trust.

Jenny Gilmour, GP Care Group 0-19 Service Development Lead, is encouraging parents to take advantage of the wide range of useful resources from healthcare partners that we have collated. 

Many of these resources are also available in video format, along with translated versions into community languages and access easy read versions too. 

Jenny said: “With winter approaching it’s good to know that there are resources for health professionals and families alike on the Healthier Together website for respiratory illnesses such as Bronchiolitis which is often caused by RSV and Croup.”

“There is also information on managing fever as well as breathing difficulties for infants, all in easy read format and translated into community languages as both written and filmed versions based on the red/amber/green NHS guidance.” 

“This is to support safe decision-making for all and to offer the best care and advice for looking after babies and young children when they are poorly. Families can be confident in the information and advice they will receive based on these resources and can be assured they will be helping to make the best use of NHS services.”

The Healthier Together website (links below) is used by parents and professionals and offers good and clear advice on when to worry and what to do, based on the red/amber/green NHS advice. Resources are available in both written and filmed versions in several languages offering clear information and guidance. 

Follow the links to the Healthier Together website below to learn about the conditions:

Bronchiolitis and RSV


Difficulty breathing and wheeze

Fever / High Temperature 


The iHV website also has lots of resources for families and professionals with additional information from supporting charities such as BLISS, CONTACT, UK Asthma and Lung and Barnardo’s.