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Social media praise for Dr Anna Livingstone

Posted on: 15 March 2023

Last week, Dr Anna Livingstone caused a social media stir after impressing thousands of viewers on Twitter with her fluent Bengali during an interview with London Bangla Voice.

Dr Anna Livingstone retired from the Care Group in April last year after serving as a GP and the Clinical Lead for the P-RESET service. Anna worked with P-RESET for many years, and her drive and willingness to get things right for patients, GP Practices, and Commissioners has contributed to make the service what it is today. Anna is still working with P-RESET in a mentoring and support role given her glowing history with the service. 

During the TikTok interview Anna said that she learnt Bengali in the 1980s to communicate easily with her patients due to there being no interpreters at the time. You can watch the video by clicking the link below.

Watch the video


Read on for people’s reaction to the video...

Former Chair of Labour Party’s BAME Staff Network and Governance and Legal Unit staff, Halima Khan

“This superhero is a retired GP in Limehouse East London I’m in tears because she’s saying she learned Bengali in the 80s to understand her patients because there were no interpreters. This is British pride she should be a household name.”

“Apsana Begum MP please find her and give her an award. I want to at least know her name. Her contribution to society is outstanding and it came from a pure, selfless, kind heart! In a time where there is so much negativity, we desperately need more heroes as examples. She is one of the many we don’t even know of! Her learning such a difficult language like Bengali - saved many, many lives.”

Tower Hamlets Community Health Service

“Dr Livingstone - one of many Tower Hamlets GP legends. We are so proud of all our GPs - superstars shining a light in East London. #weloveGPs #iamaGPinTowerHamlets.”


Nurse/RCN Steward/Hackney Cllr - Homerton Ward, Anna Lynch

“Absolutely brilliant. I remember Dr Livingstone from when I was nursing at the “old London” hospital, always campaigned for equity of access for the underprivileged communities.”


Author, Martin Empson

“I am proud to have walked the streets of Poplar and Limehouse many times with her opposing war and racism and standing up for our NHS. Proud to call her a comrade.”


Michelle W

“Wow what a woman Anna Livingstone is. I am humbled by her commitment to her patients and feel pathetic when I think of the wonderfully diverse community I live in, but haven’t even tried to learn one of the many languages spoken by my neighbours. Well, I’m not too old to start!”


Previous patient

“Anna Livingstone. My GP for over 30 years at Gill Street Health Centre. She saw me through some difficult times, as she has done thousands of people. Not sure if they make them like her anymore. Retired from full-time practice a few years ago. Great to see her looking so well.”