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Spotlight on Primary Care Networks

To many people, how our health and care system is set up and run is a mystery. However, one area that directly impacts local residents is the purpose of Primary Care Networks (PCNs).

Posted on: 8 April 2024

A PCN is a group of GP practices that have aligned themselves with other health and social care staff and organisations to provide integrated services to their local population.

In Tower Hamlets we have seven Primary Care Networks. These networks bring together general practices, community services, and other healthcare professionals, ensuring a more coordinated and patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery in our borough.

Phalguni Trivedi, Assistant Director of Primary Care Contracts, explains: “Our aim as PCNs is to enhance patient care by fostering collaboration among local healthcare providers.”

“Patients benefit from improved access to a range of services, enhanced care coordination, and a focus on preventive measures, ultimately contributing to a more comprehensive and seamless healthcare experience in Tower Hamlets.”

Look out for an upcoming newsletter, where we will be talking about the latest clinical roles within Primary Care Networks.