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“Thank you for the impactful work you do” - P-RESET visits RESET Recovery

Team members from the GP Care Group’s P-RESET (Drug and Alcohol Use Support Service) recently visited The Alma, the premises of our partners at RESET Recovery to learn more about how they serve Tower Hamlets residents.

Posted on: 28 November 2023

RESET Recovery is a drug and alcohol service that supports people through their journey to recovery, helping them to reduce the harmful effects of substance misuse to be able to live safer, healthier lives.

During the visit, the Care Group’s P-RESET team, who work with local GP Practices to deliver drug and alcohol support to patients in Tower Hamlets, were able to observe some of the motivating group workshops that RESET conducts weekly for their service users. 

Commenting on the team’s visit, Tariq Wooding-Olajorin, P-RESET Service Lead, said: “We feel privileged to have been able to observe the RESET Recovery team in action. 

“Witnessing their adaptability and commitment to enhancing support, particularly by tailoring workshops for less-engaged cohorts, was truly inspiring.

“We want to say a big thank you to the entire RESET team for the impactful work they do, and we look forward to continued collaboration in fostering positive change and recovery.”

The Group workshops that RESET Recovery delivers are available for all patients in treatment at RESET. This includes patients at P-RESET.

The Care Group P-RESET service is open to all Tower Hamlets residents who are registered with their GP and have been referred to use our service. 

Learn more about P-RESET service