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A plan for the future: health and social care in Tower Hamlets

Representatives from Tower Hamlets health and care organisations came together to discuss how to work together better for greater improvements for our local population.

Posted on: 23 April 2024

‘How can local health and care organisations collaborate better’ was one of the key questions discussed at a recent event organised by our Tower Hamlets Training Hub (CEPN). More than 60 individuals from our Tower Hamlets Together (THT) partnership attended ‘The Future of Primary and Community Care Practice Learning Time (PLT)’ event held at the new Tower Hamlets Town Hall in April. 

Tower Hamlets Together is a partnership that brings together various organisations across the public and voluntary sector including Tower Hamlets Council, local NHS and voluntary organisations. Staff from a range of different roles and organisations across the partnership attend the event, which featured presentations from community health services and various leads from the THT Localities and Neighbourhoods Programme. 

The Localities and Neighbourhoods Programme seeks to address health inequalities, engage communities to improve health and wellbeing, strengthen the prevention and management of long-term conditions affecting the community and improve access to services for disabled residents. 

Attendees had theopportunity to come together to support work across the borough towards empowering residents and enabling access to inclusive, high-quality person-centred care. Colleagues across professions and organisations discussed various areas of improvement such as mental health, end of life support, continuity of care and much more. 

Some of the key discussions at the event included: 

  • How we can work together as a partnership in networks around the person.
  • Joined up, integrated working across services, teams and areas.
  • How we work with communities to help shape the above to meet their needs.

Tim Hughes, Presenter and Partnership Programme Lead for the Localities and Neighbourhoods Programme, said: “It was great to see so many primary care colleagues engaged in designing solutions to current problems through integrated, neighbourhood working.”

This event was hosted by the Tower Hamlets Training Hub and is part of ongoing plans to kickstart innovative thinking around developing solutions and new ideas for the health and social care services provided throughout the borough.