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The Open Doors team: doing their bit for the environment

Posted on: 10 February 2020

Members of the Open Doors Practice Nurse Action Learning Group are demonstrating their 'green' credentials through a simple, but effective initiative they started last year. The team has swapped the usual waxed lined cups to invest in eco-friendly bamboo cups to enjoy their beverages during their weekly sessions.

Nurse Practitioner Diane Gould came up with the idea to ditch the disposable cups and purchased the eco-friendly bamboo cups for the four practice nurses in the learning group. Diane said: "It has always been our intention to go green, but when I saw the bamboo cups for just £1.50 each at Home Bargains, I thought it was a very small price to pay to help the environment."

The Action Learning Group (ALG) supports Open Doors nurses weekly for the first year of their two-year practice nurse course. The ALG acts as peer support, helping to cover issues that are not covered in University, such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and wound care.  

Last month, the current group had their last ALG session but have pledged to carry on the tradition. Diane has already introduced the idea of using bamboo cups to eight health care assistants (HCA) in their HCA Clinical skills course! 

A big 'well done' ladies!