Nigerian Jollof Rice recipe

Finance Manager, Angela Aikins-Andoh has shared a Kelewele Ghanaian spicy plantain recipe. She said: "I love making kelewele because unlike most Ghanaian or African dishes it is very easy and quick to make and can be served as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to other dishes. It is Ghanaian street food and is usually sold at night by street vendors in Ghana. It always brings back fond memories of holidays in Ghana, where I would sometimes accompany relatives to the kiosks where the street vendors sold their food at night in Accra and inhale the blend of various aromas from the variety of street food on display. This has always been  by far my favourite  Ghanaian street food and always puts a smile on my face, whether making it at home or ordering it as an appetiser from a Ghanaian restaurant!"

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You can also watch the video below for easy steps on how to prepare this dish. 

Kelewele Ghanaian Spicy Plantain recipe