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Tower Hamlets' Air Pollution & You Project

Posted on: 22 April 2021

Today is Earth Day (22 April), and as a Tower Hamlets Together partner, we're proud to support Global Action Plan's 'Tower Hamlets Air Pollution and You' project.

The project raises awareness of the effect air pollution can have on our health and environment. Air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness. To help tackle this in Tower Hamlets, the Global Action Plan team has been working with Tower Hamlets Together to collect practical actions for you and your family that can help.


Here a few things you can do to help reduce air pollution:

Discover the side streets - Use quieter roads and paths to keep away from heavy polluting traffic.

Leave your car behind - Encourage your whole family to walk, cycle and scoot more. By choosing active travel and using public transport rather than cars you can reduce pollution for you and for others.

Check the forecast - Visit AirText to find out what the air pollution levels will be near you tomorrow. You can also sign up for free alerts by text message to keep you up to date on the pollution forecast for Tower Hamlets.

Turn the engine off - When you do need to use a car, ask the driver to turn the engine off when the car isn't moving.

Keep the air clean inside too - Use low chemical and non-smelly products, and keep your indoor air clean by using extractor fans. Avoid smoking inside your house. If you need support to help quit, visit Quit Right Tower Hamlets.

For more information about air pollution and to download resources, click here