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Tower Hamlets Crisis Therapy Service - Renamed

Posted on: 1 April 2019

From 1 April, the Crisis Intervention Service in Tower Hamlets will be known as the Crisis Therapy Service. They have opted to do this following feedback from service users and referrers who said they found the name confusing and felt it didn't describe what the service offers. The team hope the revised name, Crisis Therapy Service, is a clearer description of the service.

The Crisis Therapy Service provides rapid access to assessment and brief psychotherapy to local residents aged 18 and over who are experiencing a psycho-social crisis but who are not psychotic. They can also provide advice, support and referral to other services as necessary to support the individual to develop strategies to cope with their situation. The service base and contact details remain the same: 020 8121 5499.

Visit the Tower Hamlets Crisis Therapy Service website