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Tower Hamlets Family Hubs partnership means improved integrated care

Collaboration means joined up support ensuring that children, young people and families get the right help at the right time and only have to tell their story once.

Posted on: 28 September 2023

The Family Hub is a government initiative that provides families with a more connected service by offering a single access point to a range of services. 

Partnering with the Family Hub means the Care Group can contribute to deliver the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Early Help Strategy. Services include:

  • perinatal mental health and parent-infant relationships
  • parenting support
  • infant feeding support
  • early language development and home learning environment
  • start for life offer
  • parent carer panels

Our 0-19 Service, which includes Health Visiting, Family Nurse Partnership, and the School Health & Wellbeing Service, already works closely with children and family centres and partner organisations. 

Our collaboration with the Family Hub further formalises an agreement that outlines each party's anticipated roles and responsibilities.

Vision for Family Hubs

Tower Hamlets' vision is for Family Hubs to operate as a network of services including health, education, housing, the council, and the community and voluntary sector.

Partner agencies include the local authority, health, education, community and voluntary sector organisations. 

We want every child, young person and family to feel included in their communities, that they are happy and healthy and can get the help they need to thrive and reach their potential.

We also want parents to feel supported and part of the community, so they can access the help they need without barriers.

This shared and integrated Early Help approach, will mean:

  • coordinated services resulting in healthy, happy babies and young children who are well attached to resilient and confident caregivers
  • healthy, happy children and young people progressing through their education. Developing emotional resilience, social skills and positive aspirations
  • in young adults in appropriate education, training or employment. In stable relationships and with living skills that make them healthy and independent.

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