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Training Hub launches training to welcome asylum seekers

Posted on: 9 May 2023

Better understanding and empathy for the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in Tower Hamlets was at the heart of new training delivered by the Training Hub (also known as The Community Education Provider Network [CEPN]) in April. 

As part of their monthly professional learning and development time, the borough’s East End Health Network (Primary Care Network 2) and colleagues from Goodmans' Field and Barkantine General Practices were invited to the launch of a new two-hour introductory training session. The training was to support local health care teams to enhance awareness and understanding of the challenges encountered by asylum seekers and refugees.

With the opening of the newly established 400-bed hotel in the area, the training was set up to equip attendees with the necessary tools and knowledge to support the integration of asylum seekers into the community. The training was delivered in collaboration with REAP (Refugees in Effective and Active Partnership) and has received plenty of positive feedback. 

One attendee said: “The training has helped me become more aware of the stages of the asylum seekers’ journey and understand the trauma of loss and its effect on families and communities.”

Dr Daniel Gibney, GP at Mission Practice and the Chair of the Tower Hamlets Refugees and Asylum Seekers Health working group, commented: “This training has really helped our aims and ambition to address key health inequalities in Tower Hamlets and East London in improving awareness and understanding of the needs as well as entitlements of asylum seekers.”

Dr Daniel added: “It is also an opportunity from a wellbeing and supervision perspective to support our colleagues delivering care to our residents seeking asylum living in hotels. The borough is preparing for the opening of a new large hostel which will house asylum seekers and this training will provide useful information for those who will be looking after them.”