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What happened at our School Conference? – A summary

Posted on: 28 January 2022

Earlier this month, the GP Care Group’s 0-19 School Health and Wellbeing Service (SHWB) hosted its first school conference to tackle some of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

An excellent mix of school colleagues attended the digital conference, including headteachers and assistant headteachers, school business leaders, SENCO leads, school welfare colleagues, and many others. 

The main aim of the conference was how to address some of the challenges caused by the wide-reaching effects of the pandemic and how collectively, colleagues across the school system can work better together to better serve children and young people. 

During the conference attendees joined virtual breakout rooms to discuss ways to approach these challenges, across the themes of obesity, individual health care plans (IHCPs), and mental health. Comments from each of these included: “how to develop standard IHCPs) templates for the main four conditions, similar to the asthma one”, “how to deal with exacerbated family/domestic abuse issues and traumas caused by the pandemic” and how to re-establish healthy packed lunches”.

The SHWB service is currently collating and analysing the feedback from the conference and will be sharing this information, and actions to take the feedback forward, in the coming months.