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What happened at the Care Group's first Iftar Event?

Posted on: 31 March 2023

This week, the Care Group held its first Iftar event, which brought together fasting and non-fasting colleagues for a memorable evening. The event was a great opportunity to showcase the diversity of our Muslim colleagues, who come from various cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences. The night was an excellent way to celebrate Ramadan by sharing food and coming together to acknowledge and celebrate diversity in the workplace.

The evening decorative theme was black, gold, and silver, which created a beautiful ambience for everyone to enjoy the delicious food and engage in conversations. Extending the invitation to our colleagues' families at the last minute was a fantastic addition that added to the event's richness.                                                         

Speaking on the event, Head of Primary Care Transformation, Susie Hannah said: “My family and I had a wonderful evening at the first Care Group Iftar gathering. The evening was well planned, and had clear, careful consideration to be inclusive to all colleagues. We broke our fast together with the bond of friendship and shared compassion for each other. Thank you to Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator, Layla and the Training Hub team for organising this memorable evening. It was truly special to be a part of it.”