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What happened at the Early Help Partnership Board’s Family Hub event?

Posted on: 25 January 2023

Earlier this month, the Care Group’s 0-19 School Health and Wellbeing Team honoured an invitation to the Early Help Partnership Board’s launch of the Early Help Strategy and Family Hubs Pilot event to showcase our services to organisations across Tower Hamlets.

Speaking on the success of the event, 0-19 Nursery Nurse, Terri said: “It was a great networking opportunity for the School Health Service, and the team met some amazing organisations that are supporting families in Tower Hamlets.

The focus of the Family launch event discussed the following with organisations:

How to provide better access to services to meet parents, carers, children and young people’s needs.

Ensure families experience better connection between the services that they need,

Ensure that residents experience better relationships with service providers, with a trusted and knowledgeable professional available at the Family Hub, and with the Family Hub acting as a universal space for families. 

The Board aims to deliver Family Hubs which provides family support services in the borough, that ensure every child, young person and family feels included in their community, is happy and healthy, and can easily get any help they need to thrive and reach their potential. The GP Care Group is working with the Board, other organisations, and residents to develop the plan of their Family Hub pilot.