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What's been happening at our Health Visitor recruitment sessions...

Posted on: 27 April 2022

The GP Care Group’s Health Visiting Team has been holding free virtual recruitment sessions for candidates interested in applying for our Health Visitor vacancies. As an organisation we are always looking for candidates that are passionate about improving the lives of families and children in Tower Hamlets, and we are eager to inspire people to join our Team.

We spoke to Clinical Lead- 0-5 Health Visiting Service, Hamida Serdiwala-White to get an insight into the purpose of the Health Visiting Recruitment sessions and how attendees have benefited from the sessions. Read on to hear about how the sessions have been so far:

What is the purpose of the drop-in sessions?

The purpose of the session is to allow passionate candidates to get a feel of the organisation’s culture, and Health Visiting Service. The sessions form part of a new way of recruiting in the GP Care Group and enables us to begin developing a connection with candidates and then build on this with those who are successful in their application. 

Those who attend the drop-in sessions have the opportunity to learn more about the service and working environment, opportunities for development, our current ways of working, and clinical model. They also have a chance to find out about Health Visiting Team’s vision, values, exciting plans for the future, and get to interact with the managers in an informal virtual setting.

What did the HR Team and Health Visiting Team hope to achieve out of the sessions?

We were keen for candidates to apply for a permanent position, and to interact with those looking for work in this specialist field. As an organisation we wanted to recruit for our current vacancies by promoting our Health Visiting Service more widely through the GP Care Group’s website and social media platforms to reach out to those who are job searching. 

A priority of ours was to make a good lasting impression as an employer and attract the right candidates. Having these drop-in sessions also gives potential candidates a better insight into the GP Care Group Health Visiting Team and how candidates can add value to the team.

How have the sessions been so far?

As a team, we’re very pleased to see that a recent candidate who came along to a drop-in session has applied for a permanent position and moved to the interview stage of their application. 

Is there anything you’d change for future recruitment sessions?

We are still in the early stages of introducing drop-in sessions and we will keep improving our talent attraction strategy to encourage talent into the health visiting service.

If you’d like to apply for a Health Visitor position or would like to join one of our Virtual Recruitment Sessions, keep an eye out on our website and future Tower Hamlets Health Cares newsletter issues. You can sign up for our newsletter here.