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Why every healthcare professional should know Oliver McGowan’s story

We’re taking action to prevent premature deaths among people with learning disability, autism or both with the Oliver McGowan Training.

Posted on: 5 July 2024

On learning disability week (19-26 June), we made special efforts to encourage our healthcare staff to refresh their knowledge on autism, learning disabilities and healthcare. Oliver McGowan training is a national training being completed by NHS staff across the UK and details the story Oliver McGowan who sadly died due to mistakes made by health professionals when treating someone with autism and learning disabilities. 

Our local primary and social care staff are completing this mandatory training to better understand and prevent stories like Oliver’s from ever happening again. Staff are learning important lessons on simple adjustments for better treatment, stopping over medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both and more. We are hopeful that face-to-face training will be provided from autumn this year to continue our learning. 

You can read more about Oliver’s story from the people that loved him most, his parents Paula and Tom McGowan, at the Oliver’s Campaign website. Paula and Tom McGowan are recognised nationally for their tireless activism campaigning for the equality of Health and Social Care for Intellectually Disabled and/or Autistic people.