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World Hijab Day – 1 February: Care Group colleagues talk about wearing a hijab

Image from left: Ife Gidado, Farduse Islam, Rahena Begum, Rahana Begum.

Posted on: 27 January 2023

World Hijab Day, which takes place every 1 February, is aimed at honouring Muslim women who wear the hijab. Muslim women maintain their modesty by wearing a hijab. 

As part of World Hijab Day celebrations and with a nod to our ongoing commitment to sharing different perspectives within the GP Care Group, we asked four colleagues what wearing a hijab means to them. 

We enjoyed learning more about our colleagues and know that you will too. 

Read on...

The history of World Hijab Day

The hijab is a head and chest veil worn by Muslim women, usually when they are around males not part of their close family. The term ‘hijab’ means ‘partition’ or ‘curtain,’ despite its appearance as a headscarf. Hijabs are fun to wear because they come in various colours and styles. Although women are only required to wear a hijab in the company of men who are not members of their close family, many Muslim women prefer to wear a hijab to promote cultural solidarity. Some others make a choice based on their perception of the hijab as a religious requirement. 

On 1 February 2013, Nazma Khan declared the first World Hijab Day. Nazma Khan is a Muslim woman from New York City. By encouraging all women to try wearing the hijab for a day, she hoped to promote religious understanding and tolerance.


Ife Gidado - Head of Human Resources

“I am proud to cover my hair as a Muslim woman in recognition of the deep connection I have with my faith as well as obeying the guidance of our holy book the Quran. Covering my hair does not limit my abilities or capabilities to achieve anything I choose for my life.”

Farduse Islam - Widening Participation Project Manager

“My hijab: Others see a simple piece of cloth covering my hair. For me it is a part of my identity, a Muslim woman!”


Rahena Begum – Six-month work placement with the GP Care Group

“My Hijab is more than just a scarf over my head, it’s a part of me that empowers confidence and happiness within me.”


Rahana Begum - Social Prescriber

“The hijab is a part of me and who I am. I feel empowered powerful and full of energy because I am 100% myself.”