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Social Prescribing

Do you need help and support from a Social Prescriber? Contact giving your name, your date of birth, the name of your GP Practice and a brief summary of what support you need.


Social Prescribing is a service for GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals to help improve patients’ health and wellbeing, specifically those who do not need a medical intervention, by referring them to access non-clinical services and support.

Often, in deprived areas, patients visit their GP for reasons other than clinical problems, as they might not know where to access support for wider social issues such as debt advice or housing problems. These determinants can have a significant impact on people’s health and wellbeing. The Social Prescribing service offers direct support to access ‘social prescription’ helping to improve residents’ overall health and wellbeing.

Since October 2016, the GP Care Group has run the Tower Hamlets Social Prescribing service with funding from our local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

What are the main aims of Social Prescribing?

  1. a) Prevention: to support patients to access a broader range of services that positively affects health and wellbeing, prevents illness and enables patients to better manage existing conditions.
  2. b) Self-care: to enable patients to play an active role in their own health and wellbeing and support them to stay healthy both physically and mentally.
  3. c) Personalisation & collaborative working: to improve the local primary care offering of a person-centred view of health and wellbeing and being able to support people holistically by using locally available resources.
  4. d) Better value: by reducing avoidable primary and secondary care episodes.


Where can you access a Social Prescriber?

Eight Social Prescribers deliver the service across Tower Hamlet’s eight GP Networks. Each GP practice has a named Social Prescriber located out of the GP practices within their assigned Network. This means that they are familiar with the GP Practices within their clinical networks, important as the majority of their referrals come from Primary Care.


Demonstrating the value of Social Prescribing

Since the launch of the service, both clinicians and patients across Tower Hamlets have reported that the service fills an important gap in the local health and care system by addressing patients’ social determinants of health and increasing the awareness of Voluntary Care services available in the borough.

The high number of onward referrals and signposts to a large range of organisations (about 400) in the borough highlights the breadth of services available to primary care users through social prescribing.

Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW), a validated assessment tool, recently completed an analysis of the social prescribing service (August 2018).  

Top five concerns:

Exercise 34%,

Weight Management 24%

Social Isolation 16%

Benefits 14 %

Housing 10%

Service users are positive about the service and cite being able to talk to someone and voice concerns, the time given by Social Prescribers, the support services available in the community and the Social Prescribers themselves as aspects of the service they value.

The focus is now on how to align support with other community connector services such as Community Navigators and Care Navigator services to help improve pathways for local residents.


A look at the numbers and stats

By February 2019, there had been more than 9,000 referrals to about 400 services in the borough.

Evidence from the local programme has shown a demonstrable shift in demand through a 12.3% reduction in GP appointments between the six months before and six months after patients’ appointments with a Social Prescriber (418 fewer appointments in a cohort of 890 patients who had seen a Social Prescriber).

Watch: ‘Better than medicine’ – A BBC video report on the impact of social prescribing

Watch: short film from Healthy London Partnerships on patients who have used social prescribing support activities in their local communities

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