Learn more about Health Spot

About the service

Health Spot is a specialist extended GP hub specifically for young people. It is run in partnership with Spotlight – Poplar HARCA’s award-winning youth service – to make care accessible and relevant to young people’s experiences.  Health Spot aims to offer the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

What is the service for?

This is a health hub dedicated to young people’s physical and mental wellbeing. It offers appointments with a GP experienced in supporting young people’s health needs, as well as working in partnership with other local services, including Docklands Outreach and Compass: Safe East to offer comprehensive, confidential, and holistic support.

Health Spot is also complemented by Spotlight’s rich programme of award-winning activities for young people, streamlining medical and social prescribing principles. Each step of the referral and consultation process is supported by a trusted youth worker and underpinned by Spotlight’s rigorous safeguarding procedures.

Who is this service for?

Health Spot is open to young people aged 11-25. It is also available for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). Young people who use the service should be Tower Hamlets residents and/or Spotlight members.

Where is the Service?

During the current social distancing period, Health Spot is running as a remote service. The service is currently available over phone or video call.

In the future Health Spot will be offered as an in-person GP hub based out of Lansbury Spotlight.


“The call was very confidential, and I felt safe and felt like I could say anything because I trust you (GP and youth worker) guys” – Health Spot service user

“Having the youth worker in the call made me feel calm, and I was supported and helped and I was able to express myself” – Health Spot service user

For more FAQs and to find out more visit the Spotlight website