About the service

SPA has been in operation since 2014 becoming the main point of contact for referrals into the Tower Hamlets Community Health Teams and is the only messaging service for patients needing to contact the District Nurses for a wide range of issues from blocked catheters, dressings change to end of life care.

The service is available 24/7 and has expanded over the years to now include a wider range of services it provides referral management for, helping set up care in the community and reducing admission to hospital through immediate referral to the Rapid Response Team and the Admission Avoidance & Discharge Service (AADS). 

All referrals for Community Services provided by East London Foundation Trust and specialist community services under Barts Health NHS Trust are sent to SPA. In addition, the SPA Team is also the initial contact for self-referral to the Termination of Pregnancy Service in Tower Hamlets. 

How to refer to the service

  • Adult Services Single Point of Access Referral Form for Community Health Teams
  • Children’s Services - Specialist Children’s Services Referral Form 
  • Rapid Response for Nursing for 2hr response via calling 0300 033 5000 or referring using the Community Health Teams – Adult Services
  • Termination of Pregnancy Service – call Single Point of Access on 0300 033 5000

Contact us

If you have any inquiries, please refer to the relevant contact below.

Single Point of Access Email: thgpcg.spa@nhs.net

Tel no. 0300 0335 000