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Recognising symptoms

Recognise the signs of perinatal mental health concerns.

For those referring individuals to services or seeking help for themselves, it's crucial to recognise the signs of mild to moderate perinatal mental health concerns. These might include:


  1. Persistent Sadness or Low Mood: Feelings of sadness that linger, affecting daily activities and interactions.
  2. Anxiety and Worry: Excessive worry about the pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting, which may include fears about the baby's health or parenting capabilities.
  3. Irritability: Increased irritability or mood swings that are unusual for the individual.
  4. Sleep disturbances: Difficulty falling or staying asleep, not related to the baby’s sleep patterns.
  5. Change in appetite: Significant increase or decrease in appetite, unrelated to the pregnancy.
  6. Fatigue: Persistent tiredness or loss of energy that impacts daily activities.
  7. Difficulty concentrating: Problems focusing on tasks or making decisions.
  8. Feelings of worthlessness or guilt: Exaggerated feelings of guilt or worthlessness, particularly around pregnancy or parenting.
  9. Withdrawing from social interactions: Pulling away from friends, family, or activities that were previously enjoyed.
  10. Thoughts of harm: Rare but concerning thoughts of harming oneself or the baby.