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Southeast locality Family Hubs event: “A vital resource for families”

The Care Group Health Visiting team joined more than 500 families who attended the special launch of a Family Hub located in the southeast locality of Tower Hamlets on 15 February.

Posted on: 8 April 2024

The southeast locality Family Hub is the second one to open in the borough, it covers the areas of Blackwall and Cubitt Town, Poplar, and Isle of Dogs. 

Tower Hamlets is one of the pilot boroughs for the scheme, as well as being one of the first 75 local authorities to roll out the Family Hubs Programme. 

The Family Hubs aim is to provide easier access to services, ensuring children and families can readily receive the help they need when it's most crucial.

Family Hubs are a vital resource for parents and families, a place that brings together local services for them to get advice for babies, children, and young people turning 19 (or up to 25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). The hubs also offer Start for Life services for parents of children up to two year olds.

Our Health Visiting team were on hand to connect with numerous parents, caregivers, and partner organisations, exchanging valuable information that reinforced the family hub initiatives, focusing on local service integration. 

At their stall, the team offered advice on various aspects of child development, nutrition, immunisations, and general health and safety practices. The team discussed many topics such as breastfeeding, introducing solid foods, managing common childhood illnesses, and ensuring a safe home environment for children.

A member of our Health Visiting team, who attended the event, said: “We had a fantastic day promoting the health and wellbeing of families, connecting with many partner organisations who are all instrumental in developing the local family hub and the Start for Life initiative.” 

For more information about the hubs visit the Tower Hamlets Family Hubs page