How to refer someone to FNP in Waltham Forest/Tower Hamlets

Referrals are to be made as early as possible in the pregnancy but must be made before the 28th week of pregnancy.

Enhanced Support through the Family Nurse Partnership

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) delivers an enhanced version of the Healthy Child Programme, tailored specifically for first-time young mothers and fathers when involved. Our family nurses not only provide direct support and guidance but also serve as advocates for the young parents under their care.

Key aspects of our programme:

Home visiting programme

Regular visits at home or in community venues by specially trained family nurses who have midwifery, health visiting and nursing backgrounds.

Enhanced Healthy Child Programme

FNP augments the Healthy Child Programme, providing additional support tailored to the unique needs of the young parents, focusing on the parent's health and wellbeing and their child’s health and developmental milestones.

Advocacy for Young Parents

Family nurses actively advocate for the needs and rights of young parents, ensuring that they receive the comprehensive support and resources necessary for them and their child’s wellbeing.

Collaborative Approach

Our family nurses work collaboratively with a range of professionals involved in the care of young parents and their children, such as healthcare providers, social care, educators, and early help. This integrated approach helps to create a supportive network around each family, facilitating coordinated care and intervention.

Early Intervention 

A core goal of the FNP Programme is to intervene early to support young families. By providing targeted support early in the child’s life and during critical stages of pregnancy, FNP aims to improve long-term outcomes for both children and their parents. By enhancing the Healthy Child Programme and fostering a collaborative environment, FNP supports young families in laying the strongest foundation for their future.