What we do

The Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a voluntary home visiting programme for first-time young mums and families. It has been in Tower Hamlets since 2007. A specially trained family nurse visits the young mum regularly from early pregnancy until their child is one to two years of age.

The programme is designed to help parents:

  • have a healthy pregnancy,
  • improve their child’s health and development
  • plan their own futures and achieve their aspirations.

Our achievements 

In the Early Intervention Foundation review of 75 programmes which aim to support parent and child interaction in the early years, the Family Nurse Partnership was one of just two programmes to achieve the highest possible 4+ rating for evidence. 

“FNP has established evidence (Level 4+) of improving a variety of child and parent outcomes, including attachment security in the short term, children’s early language development and reduced risk of preventable death in early adulthood.”

Feedback from professionals

“Joint working with the FNP is a key relationship. The family nurses help with supporting access to early midwifery care, they have quick access to the young person’s midwife. This works both ways, we are able to support and facilitate recruitment to the FNP. We are keen to do this as we recognise the valuable contribution that the family nurse makes to the young person in their development as individuals and in their progress as parents”. Gateway Midwife Team Lead for Teenage Parents

“FNP is a fantastic ambassador for multi-agency work and it has made a real difference to the collaboration of the different services working with young mums in the borough” Healthy Lives Advisor

Download our Family Partnership Leaflet