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Care Group praised as a "beacon of change" for laptop donations to students in Bangladesh

Access to technology aids disadvantaged youths’ education and offers wider perspective of the world outside their borders

Posted on: 10 October 2023

In an area where poverty is high and access to education is limited with schools at great distances away, the Care Group’s donation of 50 laptops to the charity Lonely Orphans is making a big difference in young people’s lives.

Lonely Orphans, which was founded in Tower Hamlets and champions local engagement in charity and volunteer work in the borough, recently shared a video showing how access to technology has widened educational possibilities.

View the video

The students attend modest schools, built from tin and bamboo, closer to their homes. Most of their coursework, before our donation, was completed with pens and paper.

Now with access to laptops, students within the Rohingya Camps have attained proficiency in a range of fundamental computing skills, encompassing Microsoft Office applications, internet navigation, and graphic design using programmes like Photoshop.

These skills are not only enhancing their present learning experiences but also positioning them for future personal and vocational growth.

Beyond the immediate acquisition of skills, these laptops are pivotal in broadening horizons for these students, enabling them to access information, connect with the wider world, and potentially contribute to their communities in innovative ways.

View the Lonely Orphans laptop impact report

Zainab Arian, GP Care Group CEO, said: “We are delighted to know that the laptops have arrived safety and are benefiting so many. We hope they help the students achieve their fullest potential so they can make their own unique mark on the world.”

"A special thank you to Abu-Bakr Kelly, Education Coordinator based in our Training Hub team for coordinating the process."

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